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Feline Mikri Pairs

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 1, 2014, 6:18 AM

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LandsofEveris | RRAdoptables | SpringsofIyore

Since they are not in my other journal I made a journal for them here.
Unless stated otherwise, all of my Feline Mikri Pairs are strictly closed to breeding.
Slowly adding in little blurbs about each one.


piceouswings: Fading Light by SpringsofIyorepiceouswings: Angel by SpringsofIyore
My 'Mascot' couple. Fading Light being the general of my Mikri Army, needed someone by her side that she could trust.
Well who better to trust than an Angel. Angel helps keep the Mikri pack in-line, though he is terrible at discipline and leaves that to Fading Light. Fading Light on the other hand loves to make the other Mikri sweat when they have done something wrong even though she doesn't stay mad very long anyways.
Angel will breed with jaiharock whenever she would like.

piceouswings: Eos by SpringsofIyorepiceouswings: Neona by SpringsofIyore
Eos was found by my sister Madi for me. So when I took Eos out on an exploration I was hoping she would find another Mikri to suit her picky tastes. Neona stepped up to the plate, and often times reminds Eos that she is being a bit of a snob. They compliment each other well and look forward to having a second child in the future.

piceouswings: Irkalla by SpringsofIyorepiceouswings: Kyros by SpringsofIyore
Irkalla is the heir to the Mikri Army. She is in training to become the next general after Fading Light steps down. With her new position on the horizon she figured she needed a queen for her new kingdom. She chose Kyros, and didn't give him much of a choice in the matter. Though we suspect he doesn't mind much, he stares at her constantly. Irkalla enjoys playing with the little sun attached to his tail, and in turn he bites at Irkalla's bone gauntlets.

piceouswings: Wild by SpringsofIyorepiceouswings: Baron by SpringsofIyore
Wild was apprehensive about Baron due to his age, but he has proved to be quite mature beyond his years. His simple black and white markings suit him well since he is a rather simple Mikri. He enjoys napping and watching the leaves outside dance on the wind, but he loves having philosophical debates with Wild. Neither of them ever get too heated, but he enjoys the different opinions they have. Wild loves that Baron is the perfect gentleman, he can often times be found helping another Mikri out when they need it.

piceouswings: Lunar by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Kuro by SpringsofIyore
Lunar sort of pestered Kuro until he gave in and started cuddling with her.

piceouswings: Artemis by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Orion by SpringsofIyore
Artemis went out on an exploration and came home with Orion. They have been together since.

piceouswings: Selene by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Pyractomena by SpringsofIyore
Selene and Pyractomena just sort of gravitated towards one another.

piceouswings: Helios by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Solar by SpringsofIyore
Helios claimed Solar very loudly the first time she saw him.

piceouswings: Skit by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Max by SpringsofIyore
Skit went after Max cause she wanted him.

piceouswings: Crumpet by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Swiften by SpringsofIyore
They danced around each other for a long time before deciding, yea, they want to stay together.

piceouswings: Crocus by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Wynver by SpringsofIyore
One of my only Cross Species couple, they are very cute with each other so far.

piceouswings: Soholi by SpringsofIyorepiceouswings: Kavita Sesher by SpringsofIyore
Kavita is a little wary around all the Mikri, but Soholi took her time and helped him become comfortable and at home.

piceouswings: Iyio by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Hei'an Ye by SpringsofIyore
I call them my After Midnight couple <3

piceouswings: Charm by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Lang by SpringsofIyore
Charm and Lang are my snugglers, if a snuggle pile is laying around, Charm and Lang are usually on the very bottom because they just attract cuddles.

piceouswings: Tibbers by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Niche by SpringsofIyore
Niche pretty much said 'Hey baby, wanna make inky babies? *eyebrowwiggle*' and Tibbers actually liked that type of flirting...

piceouswings: Midori by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Bachur by SpringsofIyore
Bachur was the one to approach Midori, and she was super shy about it.

piceouswings: Illi by SpringsofIyorepiceouswings: Glaurung by SpringsofIyore
Illi would stalk Glaurung constantly, thinking she wasn't good enough for his presence. When he finally found about it he did nothing but start playing a game of trying to spot where she was watching him from. It wasn't until someone told him that it's not healthy for Illi to be caught up on him like that he got angry and came to her defense, saying he thought it was just fine. After that he pranced right up to her, told her he loved how bright pink her tail is, and asked her if she wanted to stalk him forever. To this day they still play a wicked game of hide and seek.
(They are undefeated believe it or not.)

piceouswings: Mila by SpringsofIyorepiceouswings: Shiva by SpringsofIyore
Mila and Shiva are very secure in their relationship.

piceouswings: Cerelia by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Jia Li by SpringsofIyore
Cerelia and Jia Li, cute earthy couple.

piceouswings: Sizzle by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Ichiban by SpringsofIyore
I call this couple spicy noodles. >.>

piceouswings: Ruby by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Lile by SpringsofIyore
My 'demon kitty' couple. <3

piceouswings: Shadowclaw by SpringsofIyorepiceouswings: Magdalene by SpringsofIyore
Shadowclaw and Magdalene 

piceouswings: Puff by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Sly by SpringsofIyore
Hogwarts lovins!

piceouswings: Mygic by SpringsofIyore
piceouswings: Lilly by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Pixi by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Rikki by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Aryia by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Vacidia by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Dusty by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Moiri by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Fifi La Fume by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Tiffany by SpringsofIyore piceouswings: Aoi by SpringsofIyore
Mygic and his harem.
He only breeds with them, they only breed with him.

Pairs with other Members:

piceouswings: Rain by SpringsofIyoreRavens-Folklore: Shanyao by SpringsofIyore
Rain wanted someone who will love her forever and Shanyao was so excited at even being considered.
They are strictly not open for breeding.

All the Single Kitties:

piceouswings: Raava by SpringsofIyore - XX
Not looking for a mate.

piceouswings: Leylianne by SpringsofIyore - XX
Looking for natural colors, or cracky colors. She pretty much loves all kitties so personality doesn't have to be perfect.

piceouswings: Lennon by SpringsofIyore - XX
Lennon is aware that her colors may be bright and in your face, but she really wants someone who can look past that and love her for her.

piceouswings: Zambarau by SpringsofIyore - XX
Cuddle Puddle Feline.

piceouswings: Tallulah by SpringsofIyore - XX
Tallulah is a bit shy, but very loving, almost clingy. She is looking for a girl kitty to spend her life with.
Cuddle Puddle Feline.

piceouswings: Xing by SpringsofIyore - XX
Xing loves simpler markings and almost plain colors. Anything else makes her feel like she is disappearing.

piceouswings: Hemakshi by SpringsofIyore - XX
Not sure what she is looking for.

piceouswings: TJ by SpringsofIyore - XX
She is really proud of her femininity, looking for someone who respects her.

piceouswings: Chloe by SpringsofIyore - XX

piceouswings: Java Chip Mocha by SpringsofIyore - XX
Java Chip Mocha is a very family oriented Feline. When she finds a mate she wants to keep them and enjoy raising a family together.
Cuddle Puddle Feline.

piceouswings: Tricae by SpringsofIyore - XY
Tricae is the typical cat. So his partner better not be annoyed at his tendency to knock over everything.

piceouswings: Zayo by SpringsofIyore - XY
Zayo honestly feels a little like he is unattractive, so his partner needs to keep that in mind.

piceouswings: Coco by SpringsofIyore - XY

piceouswings: Rodnok by SpringsofIyore - XY
Has two kids. Looking for a forever mate.

piceouswings: Glowstick by SpringsofIyore - XY
Looking for someone who glows too.

piceouswings: Himbeere by SpringsofIyore - XY
Not looking to find a forever mate. Looking to make lots of babies in as many colors as possible.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Designing is a hobby I really like, breeding also. I just don't like to be swamped with work.

Jewelery making is also a favorite hobby of mine. :3


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